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We’ve been creating high quality home & commercial gardens since 2015

Melbourne Gardeners is Founded in 2015 . From day 1 Our mission is to deliver world class service and that too in said time. Before we started this company, I used to do my own gardening and sometimes I still do. Gardening is my passion and that is why it is easy for me to commit to my garden. But as I have heard from my friends, there are many gardening companies in Melbourne that claims to provide good service. But there is a problem with them. Either they cost a huge chunk of money or does not deliver their promise. We are growing at pretty quick pace and we can provide premium gardening service at anywhere in Melbourne.
Our gardeners are hired after they complete certain qualification criteria. We also do their background check for additional safety of our clients. Our gardeners are professional, Skilled, and most important-Passionate for gardening. They can answer your any questions you have in a way that you can understand them clearly.
Our customer call and chat support centre is handled by our skilled and well informed specialists. Unlike other gardening services, you can get on-site quote. You just have to mention your services, your garden size (Don’t worry if you don’t know it by exact square metre. Just tell us approximate area), and Your address.

Quality Gardening & Maintenance Services

Our professional gardeners will maintain your garden and do every possible thing to keep your garden clean and luscious green. Our gardeners will serve you as per your garden needs and will answer any of your questions.

“Melbourne Gardeners has designed our garden beautifully. We never thought the possibilities of having a garden as beautiful as this. We have a small area behind our house and the design was so good that we have now our evening chilling place in the lap of nature. We cannot go to the park or do some trips daily. But, This is the best we have ever experienced.”               

                                                     –  Stephen Tossane

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